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Metal filtration powders for manufacture of critical ventilator components

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

The current global spread of COVID-19 demands an unprecedented ramp up in the production of life-saving respiratory devices. Major filter companies who manufacture critical ventilator components, have been offering increased volumes and expedited support to leading ventilator manufacturers with the help of their key suppliers. As a leading manufacturer of water atomized metal powders, and key supplier to filter manufacturers, AMETEK Specialty Metals is helping to meet this demand.

It was clear that time was of the essence, when AMETEK SMP was approached for an urgent delivery of high purity filtration powders. This was to support their mission to significantly increase manufacturing volumes of porous flow restrictors in a short period of time. These flow restrictors control the oxygen flow in ventilator units where they need to withstand high pressures while remaining clog-free.

Following the urgent request, our team at Eighty Four immediately redirected capacity and started melting the required material overnight, ready for atomization so that the tight delivery targets could be achieved.

Filtration powders are manufactured in a wide range of particle size distribution by AMETEK Specialty Metals at its Eighty Four facility in Pennsylvania. Typically made from stainless steels or nickel alloys, these high purity metal powders are specially atomized to give the highly irregular shape required for precise filtration. Pressed and sintered into porous filters, they can be used in a variety of industrial and specialty filtration systems, such as mission critical flow control and filter components in medical devices.

More info about AMETEK Specialty Metals’ filtration powder: