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Sintered powders for porous metal filters used in porous flow restrictors for medical ventilator & in chemical filtration


Our filter grade powders are available in a wide range of particle size distributions and are uniquely suited to produce sintered porous metal filters for demanding applications. Typical materials include a wide number of commercial alloys specifically tailored for filter applications.

The alloys available include but are not limited to high performance Stainless Steels, Hastelloys®, Monels®, Inconels® and Nickel. We produce these alloys specifically for sintered filters in tightly controlled size distributions within the 10-250µm range for liquid and gas filtration. We routinely produce more than 25 different sizes of filter product and are happy to take on the challenge of exacting, custom specifications.

Filter Powder Expertise
We manufacture filter grade powders that are specially atomized to give the highly irregular shape required for precise filtration. Our plant has been producing water atomized powders for sintered metallic filters for nearly 50 years. Our expertise in achieving narrow particle size ranges and desired shapes allows the filter producer to design custom pore sizing and flow restriction critical to their customers’ applications. No company offers more filter cuts or alloys than us, and we have extensive experience in controlling:
  • Chemistry for optimized performance
  • Particle Size Distribution
  • Morphology and Apparent Density
  • Green Strength
Products and Sizes
Our metallurgists and engineers work alongside customers to develop standard and custom filter powders to exacting specifications. We can also support you in advanced materials selection and offerings for the development of next gen filters. Typical alloys and sizes include:
  • Grades: 316L, Hastelloy® (C-22, C-276, C, B, X), iron alumindes (FAS), Ni-200, and Inconel® (IN-600, IN-625). The fluid medium (corrosiveness) of the target environment and targeted flow rates will influence material choice
  • Sizes: Available in more than 25 different particles - “cuts” - from coarse (~20 Mesh) to fine (10 Micron) sizes with tightly controlled ranges
  • Highly irregular morphology makes powders uniquely suited for precise filtration
  • Low AD powders allow customers to press parts to low densities and control porosity. Our highly irregular powder confers a higher level of strength at lower Green Density which allows the green parts to be handled without damage
  • Product breadth: Wide range of grades and Particle Size Distribution (PSD) control (cuts)
  • Short lead times and small minimum order quantities (as little as 100 lbs)

Our precision filter powders are used in a variety of industrial and specialty filtration systems in mission critical environments. Our powders make their way into everything from semiconductor manufacture to medical equipment to automotive applications.

Industrial / Chemical Processing Industry (CPI)
Our expertise in processing advanced corrosion resistant alloys for nearly 50 years makes our filter products ideally suited for precision chemical filtration in extremely corrosive environments, including petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and semiconductor production.

In the medical sector, our atomized filters powders are used within critical flow control and filtration components in a variety of applications, including ventilator units that saved lives in the COVID-19 epidemic. Our filter powders typical operate in porous flow restrictors, such as those that control ventilator oxygen flow while needing to withstand high pressures and remain clog-free.