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Hardfacing powders for thermal spray surface coating such as Plasma Transfer Arc (PTA), Spray and Fuse & Laser Additive

Surface coating / Hardfacing

Hardfacing Powders are manufactured to have the precise size, shape, and chemistry required for optimal thermal spraying characteristics. Our powders are available in a wide variety of alloys to give the workpiece desired finished qualities - whether it’s good machinability, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, ductility, hardness, or high strength.

No matter the application, we have a powder that can be manufactured to your exact specifications and meet your coating needs.

Hardfacing Process
Hardfacing or surface coating is a process of spraying or welding metallic powders onto a workpiece or substrate to give it a specific hardness, wear resistance, or corrosion resistance. This process requires the appropriate alloy and particle size distribution for a specific deposition technology. Appropriately selected powders yield the best properties and manufacturing efficiencies.

Hardfacing powders are used in a variety of thermal spray coating applications including Plasma Transfer Arc (PTA), Spray and Fuse, High Velocity Oxy-Fuel (HVOF), Laser Additive and Puddle Torch technologies. Typically, these applications require a specific hardness, morphology and particle size to achieve desired final properties of the coated substrate or workpiece. 

Typical Water Atomized Thermal Spray powders include the following grades:

Hardfacing Powder Alloy Characteristics
PF20 Good machinability. High impact resistance. High ductility. High tensile strength. Deposits can be hand finished. Recommended for repair of cast iron parts.
PF25 Deposit has good machinability and impact resistance, slightly harder than PF20. Excellent corrosion resistance. May be used for repairs to cast iron parts or overlay where nickel base alloy is required.
PF35 For coatings requiring intermediate hardness, excellent machinability and resistance to corrosion, heat and cracking. Use on shafts, sleeves, and wear surfaces.
PF40 High build up capability. Good impact and abrasion resistance. Excellent machinability. Suggested for use where precision finish is required.
Intermediate hardness. Excellent weldability and crack resistance. Use on polish rods, liners, shafts, valve gates, and coupling.
PF55 Excellent abrasion and corrosion resistance. Good hardness. Ideally suited for boiler surface coating applications.
PF60 Non machinable. Finish surface by grinding. Excellent abrasion and corrosion resistance. High hardness. Excellent weldability.  Use on couplings, shafts, polish rods, plungers, and valves.
PI600 Excellent machinability. Work hardens in service. Good wear and corrosion resistance. Use on motor shafts and pump sleeves.
316L Produces corrosion resistant work hardenable finish. Excellent machinability.
In addition to this applications typically considered “Hardfacing”, we manufacture the following alloys as well as custom atomized powders for special powder coating applications.
  • Nickel base Alloys, both simple and Inconel® types
  • Nickel-Chrome-Boron Systems – AMS 4775, 4776, 4777, 4778, 4779
  • Nickel-Chrome Molybdenum systems such as Hastelloys®
  • Tool Steels up to 70+ HRC
  • Copper-Nickel and Nickel-Copper Monels®
  • Cobalt Alloys such as Stellites and Tribaloys®
  • Aluminides (both Ni-Al and Fe-Al)
  • Stainless Steels
  • Aluminum Bronzes
We supply several Products indirectly for the aerospace industry. Many of our products are key constituents of blends or some of the original materials used in aerospace thermal spray metallic coatings. We are always happy to support aerospace customers.

Oil and Gas, Heavy Industry and Agriculture
Equipment used in oil and gas, heavy industry, and agriculture must be able to withstand high levels of corrosion, wear, or heat. Drill rods, shafts, tubes, couplings, cutter bars, augers, cylinders, and related components are especially vulnerable to the effects of wear and corrosion and must be treated specially to maximize life. To meet this challenge, our metallurgists have engineered powders designed specifically for these applications, which are often referred to as “Hardfacing”.

Quality Control
Our metal powders are produced under the strictest quality control procedures and tested in accordance with standard MPIF and ASTM practices. This rigorous testing ensures uniform particle sizes and compositions with unmatched lot-to-lot consistency.

Typical Hardfacing Powder Compositions
Alloy C CR FE NI B SI CU MO CO RC. Hardness Melt Temp (Fº)
PF20 .03 - 1.5 BAL 1.5 2.5 - - - 12 - 20 2000
PF25 .06 - 1.5 BAL 1.5 3.5 - - - 20 - 30 1975
PF35 .05 10.5 2.0 BAL 2.0 3.3 - - - 32 - 40 1925
PF40 .30 7.5 1.5 BAL 1.4 4.0 - - - 40 - 48 1925
PF50 .65 14.0 4.2 BAL 2.8 3.8 - - - 48 - 54 1900
PF55 .65 15.0 4.5 BAL 3.3 4.0 3.5 3.5 - 50 - 60 1900
PF60 .90 16.5 4.5 BAL 3.3 4.3 - - - 56 - 62 1900
316L .03 17.0 BAL 12.0 - 0.8 - 2.5 - Rb78 2525
80/20 - 20.0 - 80.0 - - - - - - -
*HAC .05 15.5 8.0 BAL - 0.8 - 16.0 - - -
*I600 .02 14.0 10.0 BAL - 1.0 - - - Rb74 2600
*M400 .02 - - 66.5 - 0.5 32.5 - - - -
*HAC is AMETEK’s equivalent to HASTELLOY® C. HASTELLOY® is a Cabot Corporation trademarked product. I600 is AMETEK’s equivalent to INCONEL® 600.

INCONEL® is an International Nickel Company, Inc. trademarked product. M400 is AMETEK’s equivalent to MONEL® 400. MONEL® is an International Nickel Company, Inc. trademarked product.