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Fine metallic powder additives for polymers to create magnetic plastic that are x-ray and blue metal detectable

Metal Additives for Plastics

As a world class manufacturer of metallic powders used as plastic additives and fillers, we engineer alloyed stainless steel powders in fine and coarse mesh sizes. Our metal additives are uniquely suited for critical plastic and advanced polymer compounding applications.
Products and Sizes
We offer several different alloys and sizes of material specifically tailored for polymer compounding.
  • Grades: Our metallurgists and engineers have worked to develop our polymer filler compounding products from 316L, 304L, 430L, and 410L alloys.
  • Sizes: The above grades are typically offered in fine sizes and with surface areas suited to suspension in a variety of polymers. Our Plastic Compounding Fine Powder has a particle size approximately 30 microns.

Got a specialty custom requirement? As a specialist plastic additive supplier, we have the expertise to develop custom metal powders tailored to your exacting polymer compounding needs.

Our high performance 300 and 400 series stainless steel powders offer numerous advantages for engineered and detectable compounds. Our metal polymer additive powders are used in sectors where performance and quality are crucial such as Food, Pharmaceutical, Defense, Industrial and Automotive industries. Key benefits include:
  • High-volume supplier of atomized fine metal powders for nearly 50 years
  • Metallic additives can impart beneficial detectability, wear, electrical, thermal, or dampening properties to the compound
  • Exceptional overall value
Our metal powders are used as polymer additive fillers or reinforcement for plastics to improve a large variety of properties of the compound. When included as an additive, the following properties can be modified:
  • Metal and X-ray detectability: Addition of our metal alloys imparts magnetic and X-Ray detectability to help avoid foreign object contamination in food, beverage, and pharmaceutical products. Metal detectable and magnetic plastic ensures any contaminants are easily identified. Our metals are commonly used to give blue plastic materials their x-ray and magnetic detectability.
  • Magnetic properties: When a polymer is compounded with certain metal alloys, the magnetic properties of the product can be controlled to allow for conveyance, e.g., the movement of parts by magnets, or adhesion in a variety of automotive and industrial applications.
  • Vibration and Sonic dampening: Addition of metal powders to the compound creates a composite material whose vibration, density and acoustic properties can be modified and controlled.
  • Wear resistance: Inclusion of tough, hard metallic particles imparts improved wear properties to components manufactured with metallic additives and fillers. These materials are also known as polymer matrix composites (PMC).
  • Anti-Static properties: Addition of metal powders can increase the electrical conductivity of the material. This can result in anti-static or even conductive properties.
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