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Fiber Filter

Fiber - Polyester Spinning

Achieving the highest quality polyester and nylon fibers requires selection of the right filter medium. Our precision powders for hot polymer filtration media offer numerous advantages over metallic fibres, sand, or glass including:
  • Outstanding continuity of spin operation
  • Premium fiber quality through superior filtration
  • Excellent volume performance due to robustness of metal powder
  • Correct porosity and tortuosity in filtration medium for maximum hot polymer shear enabled by our advanced water atomization technology
  • No chemical reaction with polymer, eliminating any discoloration (causes discoloration)
  • Spin pack efficiency and quality (our exceptional quality removes superfine powder that can clog nozzles or break yarn leading to Fiber On Floor / FOF)
  • Extreme control over Particle Size Distribution (PSD) control for optimized performance
  • Cost effective
The irregular shapes of our fiber / hot polymer filtration powders lead to extremely high surface areas that maximize filtration of the polymer. This technology is extremely effective at shearing polymer micro-gels, as well as trapping foreign materials or impurities in the polymer melt. This ensures maximum cleanliness and quality of the polymer exiting the spin pack.

Exact control of polymer temperature is also critical to avoiding capillary breakage and dying differences in the fiber. Our fiber / hot polymer filtration powders are inherently four times more better conductors of heat than silica sand, so the temperature distribution within the spin pack is highly uniform.

Typical Fiber Powders Alloys
  • DP-1 used for Nylon
  • 316L used for Polyester
  • Other custom alloys for select applications

Our fiber / hot polymer filtration powder is screened to precise mesh sizes for optimum spinning quality and throughput. We offer a wide variety of sizes from coarse cuts to fine cuts and wide to very narrow distributions allowing you to optimize quality and cost of your fiber spinning operations. Typical sizes include: -200/+325M, -40/+100M, -325/+400M, -100/+200M, -25/+50M, -50/+70M, -140/+200M, -70/+100M, -35/+45M, and -30/+50M. We are happy to manufacture to any size specification you may desire in addition to the above.

The selected medium or combination of media used in the spin pack depends on the polymer and target product. Powder “cut” or size and grade depend on the type of polymer being spun and target fiber dimensions.

Custom mesh sizes and grades are not only available, but routinely produced. Please contact us for custom products.


Our fiber / hot polymer filtration powders are used in spin packs that convert bulk polymers to synthetic fibers for textiles, carpets, tire cord, and other applications. We supply customers across the globe for a large number of quality critical applications.

Process - Converting Polymers to Yarn
  • Melt and extrude polymer chips
  • Filter molten polymer in spin pack with metallic powder
  • Accumulate fiber on bobbin
  • Stretch, twist, and wind fibers
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