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Pressing and sintering stainless steel or custom metal powders into a near net shape parts for automotive & industries

Powder Metallurgy (PM)

We have a long and established history in serving the global Powder Metallurgy industry with substantial historical product developments and leadership representation at Metal Powder Industries Federation (MPIF). Our ability to engineer customized, structural metal powders through water atomization for Powder Metallurgy (PM) applications is world renown, particularly in the automotive and industrial markets. Powder Metallurgy (PM) is the process of pressing and sintering a metal powder into a near net shape part that offers numerous advantages over other metal forming technologies including:
  • High customization such as size, alloy and properties
  • Cost effectiveness and sustainability due to near net shape or net shape production
  • Shape complexity without secondary operation
We manufacture an extensive range of alloys to numerous customers specifications including chemistry modifications. Typical grades include:
  • 300 series 303L304L, 310L, 316L
  • 400 series: 409CB, 410L430L, 434L
  • HP ULTRAS: 303L, 304L, 316L
  • Products typically offered in -100M, -140M, -170M, and -200M nominal says. -325M fractions are typically controlled in the range of 30-50%.
As well as standard alloys, we can produce highly customized chemistries and offer short lead times with flexible production capability. Our powders are available with and without lubricants, and we offer small minimum order quantities for routinely produced and custom materials.
Attributes that Matter
When selecting the material for your application, numerous properties must be considered. Our team supports customers through material selection to match the exact specification you require. Key PM attributes include:
  • Green Strength, Compressibility, Apparent Density – with lubricant
  • Dimensional change upon sintering in target atmosphere (DC)
  • Sintered Properties: tensile strength, ductility, UTS, elongation, hardness
  • Influence of sintering conditions on part properties
Our water atomized powders are used in various sectors. Adoption is strongest in the automotive market and applications include muffler flange, exhaust system components, mirror mounts, valve seats and guides, and fittings. Metal powders for automotive are designed to be strike the optimum balance of performance and cost. In the industrial market, applications include locks, appliances, camera modules, actuator components, and agriculture components. Other sectors include medical, recreational equipment, lawn and garden, and numerous other applications.
Each production lot of powder is quality controlled and certified for chemical and physical properties by experienced and highly qualified technicians using MPIF standard test procedures. Every blended lot is compared to a set of certified standards to ensure consistent properties from one lot to another. Industry Specifications: MPIF Standard 35, ASTM B783, ISO 5755, DIN 30910-4, and JIS Z2550