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Custom Metal Powder

Are you looking for a custom metal powder for your niche or novel application? This is where we excel.

From metal dust to metal fines, we specialize in developing highly custom metal powders in any alloy or size that other manufacturers can’t do or won’t do. Everything from the weird, wonderful, and wacky. And we’re passionate about it.

Whatever application you have in mind, we have the know-how and experience to develop the right powdered metal for you.

Custom metal powders for bespoke applications

Custom Alloys

We manufacture custom metal powder in a range of alloys including nickel, cobalt, iron, stainless steel, super duplex stainless steel, copper, and specialty alloys. Do you require a custom alloy? We have the expertise to develop tailor-made powders in the specific alloy you need.

Powdered metal manufactured in any alloy or size

Custom Sizes
Our custom metal powders are typically available in sizes from 10 to 2000 microns. Custom sizes outside of this range are available on request.
Our world-class water atomization process enables us to flexibly meet precise customer needs to maximize the performance of specialized applications.
  • Custom alloys and sizes
  • Custom morphology, surface area, and density
  • Small batch sizes and short lead times
  • Scalable to large production volumes
  • Economical
Metal dust and metal fines for highly customized applications

Highly Specialized Applications

Our custom powdered metals are used across a diverse range of industries in a multitude of applications worldwide. Simply put, they defy categorization. Typical market sectors include industrial, engineering, automotive, architectural, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and more.

From Engineers to Product Managers, and Technologists to small business owners, we work closely with customers to develop atomized metal powder solutions to exact specifications.

Atomized metal powder engineered to exact specifications

Ready to Shape Your Vision into Reality?
Got an out-of-the-ordinary idea? We bring your visions to life. Our cutting-edge water atomization process and metallurgical expertise enable us to precisely engineer powdered metal for your most atypical concepts. Challenge us today.
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