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Specialty powders in Hastelloys®, Triballoys®, Monel®, 17-4 PH®, Ni-Fe, PF alloys, Inconel®, Ni-200, 80/20 Ni/Cr

Specialty Powders

AMETEK has the metallurgical expertise to produce specialty powders for super-niche and highly engineered applications. Our experience has made us a global leader in the field.

Customized and Specialty Alloys
Utilizing high pressure water atomization under carefully controlled conditions, we develop innovative powders in an extensive range of standard and custom alloys.

Niche Applications
Our high alloy powders are used in specialty segments including Sintered Metal Filters, Fiber – polyester and nylon production, Plastic Compounding, Hardfacing and Surface Coating, Powder Metallurgy (P/M), and Metal Injection Molding (MIM). Typical alloys include:

Specialty Powders Applications
Ni-Fe Powder Metallurgy
Monel® Filter
T-400 / T-800 (Triballoy®) Powder Metallurgy, Hardfacing
Inconel® 600 / 625 Hardfacing, Thermal spray
80/20 Ni/Cr , Ni-200 Hardfacing, Thermal spray
C-276, C-22, C, B, X (Hastelloy) Filters, Thermal Spray
PF Alloys / Spray & Fuse Coatings Hardfacing
17-4PH® Powder Metallurgy, MIM
AMETEK is known for its flexibility to work with customers to meet their specific requirements. If you have a non-standard requirement, please contact us to discuss your needs.

Primary global markets for our specialty products include industrial, additive, oil and gas, automotive, energy, and defense.