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Stainless steel powders in 303L, 316L, 304L, 409L/CB, 410L, 430L, 434L/CB alloys

Stainless Steel Powders

In recent years, as Powder Metallurgy (P/M) Stainless Steels have become more prevalent in numerous markets, AMETEK has invested in production capability and technology stainless steel powders.

Among the results of these efforts are AMETEK’s patented Ultra Stainless Steels™ which are produced by alloying conventional austenitic compositions with a small amount of tin and copper. This combination of metals results in a marked improvement in corrosion resistance when compared to typical austenitic P/M parts while maintaining mechanical properties.

Stainless Steel Alloys
409L/CB 430L 303L 304L
410L 434L/CB 316L 17-4PH®
HP ULTRAS: 303L, 304L, 316L

Tests prove increased "Corrosion Resistance" via Ultra Stainless P/M Technology

Stainless Steels for Powder Metallurgy

AMETEK has been directly involved in the development and applications of many of the alloys that are hallmarks of today’s stainless steel powder metallurgy industry. We produce and sell in quantities of hundreds of pounds and hundreds of thousands of pounds. No job is too big or too small for custom or conventional alloys.

Typical Stainless Steel Compositions
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Structural stainless steel powders composition table