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Paint additives used as protective paints in industrial maintenance, architectural and cookware metal powder coatings

Paint Additives

Our high-quality stainless steel flake products are used for high-performance protective paints and industrial coating applications. Produced from our own 316L stainless steel powder, the flake offers numerous benefits for paint additive applications:
  • Corrosion resistance; resistance to alkaline cleaners and detergents
  • Abrasion resistance
  • High specular reflectance
Paint Additive Applications
  • Maintenance Coatings: Corrosion protection for equipment exposed to hostile elements and food processing or pharmaceutical plants.
  • Powder Coatings: Automotive trim, wheels, suspension, and under the hood parts (particularly motorsports). Outdoor furniture and bicycles.
  • Architectural Coatings: Gives a metallic look to masonry and exposed metal.
  • Cookware Coatings: Promotes abrasion resistance and heat transfer in non-stick coatings.
Solvent Paint Systems

Leafing pigments are capable of concentrating at the surface of a paint film, where particles overlap each other, creating a metallic appearance.

Water-Borne Paint Systems

Stainless steel flake is particularly useful because it will not form hydrogen when incorporated into water-borne coatings and consequently will not cause gassing.