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T-400 • T-800 (Tribaloy®) Powders

AMETEK offerswater atomized powder versions of the Tribaloy® alloys T-400 and T-800. These alloys are Cobalt-Molybdenum-Chromium-Silicon (Co-Mo-Cr-Si) based materials that are extremely hard due to the formation of high fractions of intermetallic laves phases. They also exhibit very good oxidation and corrosion performance due to their design chemistry.

Tribaloy® alloys are used extensively as hard-phase particles in powder metallurgy of automotive valve seats and guides as well as for other components in the drivetrain requiring enhanced wear performance at elevated temperatures. Tribaloy® alloys are also used extensively for coating and cladding applications in a variety of markets ranging from industrial to aerospace.

Tribaloy® T-400 is designed for exceptional wear properties in metal-metal contact scenarios at high temperatures. The alloy has high Co and Mo content and high laves phase fraction leading to very high hardness with reasonable workability and a relatively lubricious surface due to the formation of molybdenum oxides at high temperatures.

Tribaloy® T-800 is designed for the highest possible service temperature in the alloy family, with operating capability nominally in 1800F / 1000C range for certain environments. T-800 replaces an additional 10% of the Co content of T-400 with Cr, conferring added protection against oxidation at the expense of some of the workability afforded by high Co content.
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