Clad Metal Products

Clad Metal Plate

We’re experts in manufacturing high performance and cost effective clad plate via the roll bonding of dissimilar metals for more than Fifty years. The advantage of clad materials is the end product combines the superior properties of each metal: Strength, Corrosion Resistance, Lightweight, Cost, Thermal and Electrical Conductivity. As a result, clad products produce a material superior to any of the individual metals taken alone.

Clad Plate – Specialty Steels cladded to carbon steel in various lengths and widths from 3/16” to 1” thick.

 AMETEK clad materials are manufactured by roll bonding a core or backing with a specialty metal to produce a metallurgically bonded clad. Many metals can be combined with this technique to provide a custom metal with specific desired properties. 

 AMETEKs clad materials are available in standard widths to 120” lengths to 480” and thickness ranging from 3/16” to 1”. Cladding on steel backing can be supplied in a range of thicknesses from 5 to 40% of the overall material thickness. 

Standard Materials: Stainless Clad Aluminum, Nickel Clad Steel, Stainless Clad Steel, A276 clad Steel, Inconel Clad Steel.