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Tool steel powders in D2, M2 & T15 alloy tool steels for toughness in Powder Metallurgy, MIM and metal additive manufacturing

Tool Steel Powders

AMETEK offers a range of wear resistant tool steel powers used in P/M, MIM, and metal additive manufacturing. Tool steels use a combination of C, Cr, Mo, V, and W in an Fe based alloy to generate a carbide microstructure in the metal alloy.

Powder Metallurgy (P/M) tool steels offer the highest grade of performance, especially in respect to toughness, due to the extremely fine and uniform distribution of carbides resulting from the atomization process.

AMETEK offers multiple grades in the M, D, and T series of tool steels including M3-5, D-2, and T-15 among others. Each tool steel is optimized for its respective purpose to give exceptional properties. Some tool steels, such as our premium T-15 grade, can result in hardness near 70 HRC when appropriately processed and heat treated.

Materials that have been routinely produced include M-2, M3-2, M3-5, M4-2, D2, and T15.

Tool steel grades are offered with or without post processing to improve performance characteristics. Post processing may or may not be desirable based upon the end application of the tool steel powder.