Stainless Steel Powders | 300 Series

The 300 Series Powders are austenitic stainless steels typically used for powdered metallurgy (P/M) press and sinter applications to make near net shape parts for a variety of industrial applications.  

AMETEK offers a variety of austenitic stainless steels including the following:

•303L is a free machining, austenitic grade that offers moderate corrosion resistance.  It is a sulfurized grade that is an excellent option for parts that require secondary machining operations.

•304L is a corrosion resistant material that exhibits good property stability below 1000 degrees F.  The material is a good choice for parts that will not be subjected to demanding machining operations.

•316L offers the highest degree of corrosion protection available in standard P/M stainless steel grades providing very good strength at extremely high temperatures.   

AMETEK offers these as Ultra grades by adding a small amount of tin and blending with small amounts of copper-nickel-tin alloy.  The combination of metals results in a marked improvement in corrosion resistance.  See Stainless Steel Powder bulletin.