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Structural Steels

Structural Stainless Steel Powders

In recent years, as the need for Powder Metallurgy Stainless Steels with improved corrosion resistance has become more evident, AMETEK has invested heavily in research and development in this area.

These efforts have resulted in AMETEK’s patented Ultra Stainless Steels™ which are produced by alloying conventional austenitic compositions with a small amount of tin, then blending them with a small amount of copper-nickel-tin alloy. This combination of metals results in a marked improvement in corrosion resistance, while other properties are comparable to their conventional counterparts.

Structural Stainless Steel Alloys
409L/CB 430L 303L 304L Nife
410L 434L/CB 3 316L 17-4PH Monel®
ULTRAS/HP ULTRAS: 304L, 316L, 303L

Tests prove increased "Corrosion Resistance" via Ultra Stainless P/M Technology

Typical Stainless Steel Compositions
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Structural stainless steel powders composition table