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C-276 • C-22 • C • B • X (Hastelloy®) Powders

AMETEK offers several different Hastelloy® alloys in powder form, including but not limited to C-22, C-276, X, and B alloys. These alloys are all nickel based and used in a variety of applications where the corrosion resistance or service temperature of stainless steels is insufficient.

Hastelloy® C-22 and C-276 are used heavily in severe corrosion environments by the Chemical Processing Industry (CPI), Oil and Gas (O&G), and others. Our C-22 and C-276 powders are used to create Filters for these industries, to apply coatings by thermal spray and cladding processes, and to make sintered parts.

Hastelloy® B alloys are used in extremely reducing and acidic environments with unparalleled performance in such conditions. The primary application of powders of Hastelloy is in sintered metal filters.

Hastelloy® X is one of the original nickel superalloys. Hastelloy® X has excellent fabricability and weldability for a high temperature nickel alloy, and is used in sintered metal filters and coatings applications where prolonged exposure above roughly 1200F / 650C is expected.

Other nickel-based superalloys in the Hastelloy® and Inconel® families are available upon request, as well as customized derivatives of the above alloys.