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Fiber Filter

Fiber Filter Powders

Fiber Filter Spin Pack Powders for Polyester Spinning

Achieving the highest quality fibers requires selecting the right filtering medium in the spin pack.  AMETIP Processed Filter Powders are the right spin pack filtering medium for outstanding continuity, fiber quality and volume performance.  The irregular shapes of powder are extremely effective at shearing polymer micro-gels, as well as trapping foreign materials in the polymer melt. The greater surface-to-volume ratio of metal powder particles results in superior filtering capabilities. Exact control of polymer temperature is critical to avoiding capillary breakage and dying differences. AMETEK powders are four times more effective at conducting heat than silica sand, so heat from the spin pack can be removed much faster.

Typical Fiber Filter Powders include the following grades: 






AMETEK offers a wide variety of filter sizes from coarse cuts to fine cuts and wide size distribution to very narrow distributions.  Typical cuts are as follows: