Clad Sheet

AMETEK’s Specialty Metal Product Division has been a leader in developing roll bonded dissimilar metals for more than Fifty years.  The advantage of clad materials is the end product combines the superior properties of each metal: Strength, Corrosion Resistance, Lightweight, Cost, Thermal and Electrical Conductivity. As a result, clad products produce a material superior to any of the individual metals taken alone.

Alcor-7 is a premium stainless steel clad aluminum material combining the durability of austenitic stainless with the magnetic characteristics of ferritic stainless.  The 7-Ply material offers exceptional ductility to support formability along with magnetic properties required for Induction applications.   

Magnaply is a 5-Ply induction ready stainless steel clad aluminum material.  The material has an Aluminum core with a ferritic layer on one side and austenitic layer on the other. 

Alcor-5 is a 5-Ply stainless steel clad aluminum product.  The material has an Aluminum core with austenitic stainless steel layers on the outside.  Material offers exceptional ductility

Material is available in thicknesses ranging from .070” to .125”.  A large number of stamped diameters from 8-3/8” (212.7mm) to 23-3/4”(603.3mm) are readily available.  Custom shearing is available including various rectangular shapes.