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Pennsylvania State Representative Tim O’Neal Visits AMETEK Eighty Four for Exclusive Tour

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Pennsylvania State Representative Tim O’Neal Visits AMETEK Eighty Four for Exclusive Tour

Pennsylvania State Representative Tim O’Neal paid AMETEK Eighty Four a visit earlier this month. The Pennsylvania-based manufacturer of high purity water atomized powders and roll bonded clad metal products gave O’Neal an exclusive guided tour and full overview of the specialist manufacturing facilities.

Mark Vergallito, Director of Operations at AMETEK Eighty Four, presented an overview of the plant’s specialist powder and clad metal product range, as well as the wider AMETEK Specialty Metal Products (SMP) division. O’Neal also learned about the world of specialty steel making and related issues of interest. After the presentation, Vergallito and O’Neal were joined by Robin Hofrichter, Quality Manager at AMETEK Eighty Four, Supervisor Paul Morris and Materials Manager Tim Gilliland.

Mark Vergallito said: “We were honoured and delighted by Tim O’Neal’s recent visit and the genuine interest he took in our manufacturing facilities. We are keen to strengthen our relationships with the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. We hope Mr. O’Neal now has a greater understanding of our industry and the impressive advances in technology that our facilities and processes represent.”

Tim O’Neal was elected as a member of the Pennsylvania House or Representatives in May 2018 and was sworn in the following month for his first full term of office. A Republican and life-long resident of southwestern Pennsylvania, Mr. O’Neal represents the 48th legislative district. He served in the armed forces before gaining a master’s degree in business administration from the University of Pittsburgh’s Katz Graduate School of Business. He then worked in the energy industry and subsequently moved into the construction industry, working as a human resources director.

AMETEK Eighty Four has enjoyed worldwide success with the design development and production of water atomized metal powders and roll bonded clad metal products. Water atomized products offer very high anti-corrosion and anti-wear properties, as well as excellent magnetic capabilities, permeability and resistance to high temperatures. Structural steel powders are typically used in press and sintering applications for a range of applications. Various other specialty powders produced are used in applications such as metal injection moulding, polyester spinning and thermal spray / hard facing coating. Roll bonding manufacturing methods metallurgically bond together dissimilar metals, making it a highly versatile technology. Some practical uses include clad plate used for cooktops and metal sheeting for heavy industry.

AMETEK Specialty Metal Products (SMP) is a global leader in the manufacture of precision metal tubes, strip, specialty wire, high alloy powders, thermal powders, heatsinks, ultra-thin foils and clad plate for critical defense applications, including aerospace engines and air frames, stealth coatings, battery components and armor plate. Six specialist metallurgical businesses make up AMETEK SMP. These are AMETEK Eighty Four, AMETEK Wallingford, Superior Tube, Fine Tubes, Reading Alloys and Hamilton Precision Metals.