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Dissimilar metal flange connection in aluminum & stainless steel pipe and tube joints for super-structures

Structural Transition Joints

Our roll bonded clad plate is ideally suited for structural transition joints. The ability to roll bond dissimilar metals such as stainless steel and aluminum products are ideally suited for in the shipbuilding industry allowing for a weld free transition between stainless steel and aluminum.
As a world class clad plate manufacturer, we specialize in producing custom roll bonded clad plate to customer exact specifications.
Typical transition plate material is Stainless Steel/Aluminum.
However, other material can be considered.
Specifications and Certifications
Typical material requirements are provided per SA264 with shear and bend test 100% UT examined per SA578-Level B, hot rolled and cleaned. Other material requirements can be provided such as + HIC requirements, Simulated PWHT coupons, and Charpy Impact testing. Material can be supplied to meet ASME BPVC Sec II.
Our clad plate products are available in a variety of size and shapes based on customer requirements:
  • Thickness ranging from 3/16” to 1”
  • Cladding can be supplied in to customer specific ratios
  • Small lot sizes and short lead time available
In addition to standard alloys and sizes, our metallurgists can work alongside you to develop custom product specifications.
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